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The reason for the Vios’ smooth, seamless drive

Get captivated by the sharp contours of the Vios. Be embraced by its comfortable interior. Enjoy the smooth drive offered by its 7-speed transmission and its efficient new Dual VVT-i Engine. All this held together by reassuring, state-of-the-art safety features. Truly a ride engineered to set your heart pulsating.

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Step into the Heart of Style

With bold and dynamic designs that exude style and confidence, the new Vios’ exterior is definitely in a league of its own.

Front Headlamps*

Futuristic Yet Classy

The new Vios’ projector headlamps seamlessly extend from the side to front, accentuating the wideness of the headlamps for a ‘mechanical’ yet classy form. Enhanced by the smoked extension housing**, its flawless design is the new definition of ultimate sportiness.

*Available for 1.5 TRD Sportivo, 1.5GX and 1.5G variants only.
**Available for 1.5 TRD Sportivo and 1.5GX variants only.

Daytime Running Lights

Brilliant Styling

Your new Vios will never go unnoticed anywhere you go. The daytime running lights will capture the attention it truly deserves by improving daytime visibility with the right touch of style.

New Aerokit & Styling*

Definite Head Turner

The 1.5GX features a new aerokit that projects a striking dynamic styling that will draw in more than one glance.

*Optional for 1.5E & 1.5J variants.

Rear Combination Lamps

Seamlessly Unified

Embodying the harmony of distinction and style, the rear combination lamps integrate the backup lamps, turn signal indicators, and aerodynamic side contours to express a class-above formal presence.

Rear Fog Lamps

Get Noticed

Fog lamps are vital in conditions where visibility is greatly reduced such as during heavy rain or in an event of thick fog or haze as the rear fog lamps improve visibility and provide wider illumination.

15” Alloy Rims

Strikingly Unique

Style is forged in every detail, including the rims with dynamic colours of Dark Silver, Grey or Silver.

Image shown is Toyota Vios 1.5GX.

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Choose from these Bold Colours*

Crimson Spark Red  Metallic Attitude Black Medium Silver Metallic Silver Metallic Super White II White Pearl CS
Crimson Spark Red Metallic
*Colours may vary for actual model due to screen calibration.

Be One with the Beat of Comfort and Convenience

Step inside the new Vios and the first thing you’ll notice is how everything from its design to features beat in synch with thoughtful luxury.

Overall Cabin

Wide-eyed Wonder

The overall cabin is designed to offer a feeling of spaciousness. A combination of eye-catching silver and metallic-plated ornamentation presents a clearly luxurious impression. Its center cluster, instrument panel, and door trim feature a gorgeous deep piano black finish and a stitch design using world-leading Japanese technology to further express an air of exquisiteness.

Instrument Panel

Illuminates the Information You Need

Centre Console
The audio cluster and air conditioning control panel takes on a three-dimensional form to make it appear as if it is floating above the surface of the instrument panel, expressing a sense of presence.

Meter Panel with Multi-information Display
A three-dimensional design has been adopted to the three ring meter for an elevated sense of sportiness. This is further enhanced by the gorgeous backlights while at the same time, ensures the clarity of vital vehicle and driver information display, such as the odometer, trip meter reading and Driver Monitor* that displays average fuel consumption, drivable range and average driving speed. To encourage eco-friendly driving, an ECO Drive Indicator has been introduced.

*The Multi-information Display (MID) is available for 1.5GX , 1.5G and 1.5TRD Sportivo only.

Steering Wheel

Tangible Luxury

Three-spoke steering wheel with genuine leather gives the new Vios an exquisite touch. Its design is both functional and unique, shaped for easy handling whereas the flattened bottom of the wheel makes entering and exiting a vehicle a breeze. For added convenience, audio switches* are incorporated into the steering wheel to allow you to control various audio features safely, without removing your hands from the wheel.

*Available for 1.5TRD Sportivo, 1.5GX and 1.5G only.
Image shown is the 1.5GX interior.

Front Foot Illumination

Brighten Your Step

Illuminating lights sets the sporty atmosphere within the cabin of the interior and enhances visibility while driving in dark conditions.

*Available in Amber for 1.5TRD Sportivo and Blue for 1.5GX, 1.5G, 1.5E and 1.5J variants.

Cubic Print

Pattern Perfect

1.5GX features a new modern and luxurious metal hairline cubic print design that can be found on the door garnish and upper dashboard. The 1.5TRD Sportivo, on the other hand, features carbon fiber cubic print patterns that perfectly complement its sporty interior.

Combination Leather Seats

Enhanced Indulgence

The 1.5GX features combination leather seats in black and saddle tan to enhance the look and comfort of the Vios.

Acoustic Windshield Glass and Side Glass*

Peace and Quiet

Three layered construction minimises wind and road noise for a calming drive.

*Available for 1.5TRD Sportivo, 1.5GX and 1.5G variants only.

Rear Passenger Flat Floor

Space to Stretch

You are ensured of ample rear space in the new Vios. The rear flat floor allows passengers to stretch out comfortably and acts as an additional space to store items.

Smart Entry and Push Start

Smart Start with Convenient Entry

Simply lock and unlock doors and start the engine without removing keys from pocket. Unlatch the spacious trunk with a touch of a button.

DVD-AVX with Reverse Camera*

Perfect Infotainment

Chill out with your choice of entertainment thanks to the 2-DIN Head Unit DVD Player with 7" Touch Screen, Tuner, MP3, AUX-Jack, USB, Bluetooth® and even a Reverse Camera to ensure no obstacles are in the way when you reverse.

You can also rock out to your favourite tunes with a total of 6 speakers* to provide you complete enjoyment. The Steering Wheel Audio Control** will allow you convenient access to volume control without taking your hands off the wheel.

*Available for 1.5TRD Sportivo, 1.5GX and 1.5G and 1.5E only.
**Available for 1.5TRD Sportivo, 1.5GX and 1.5G only.

Storage Areas

Space for Everything

The new Vios has ample storage spaces available everywhere you look. A range of storage compartments found in the instrument panel, console pocket, console tray, glove compartment and three cup holders provide convenience on the go.

Remote Trunk Lid

Push to Open

No more fumbling to open the boot with just a push of a button from the remote.

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Feel the Rush of the Beat

Smooth acceleration and fuel-efficiency packed into the new Dual VVT-i engine while the all-new 7-speed Sequential CVT transmission, special tuned suspension ensures great handling and excellent stability for a fun-to-drive experience.

Dual VVT-i Engine

The Heart of Action

The new Dual VVT-i engine ensures every component within the engine work together cohesively to give a fun driving experience you can’t get enough of:

  • Improved overall fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Excellent combustion and smooth performance.
  • Expect a smooth and tranquil drive, thanks to the engine cover silencer, installed on the underside of the engine cover to reduce vehicle noise.

New CVT with 7-Speed Sport Sequential Shiftmatic Mode*

Seamless Shift

With an M mode +/- now available that allows 7-speed manual shifting operation, experience smooth driving performance that comes with excellent fuel efficiency during normal driving conditions. Whenever you need to turn up the drive, each shift will unleash smooth, linear acceleration.

* Available for all variants except for 1.5J (MT).

Efficient Fuel Consumption

Cleaner Emissions

The new engine meets the EEV requirements to efficiently lower fuel consumption. The ECO drive indicator is designed for easier adaptation to eco-friendly driving.


All-round Excellence

Aero stabilizing fins have been added to outer mirror and rear combination lamps for optimal airflow control, ensuring excellent handling, stability, comfort and aerodynamic performance with Cd (Drag Coefficient) of 0.28.

Tight Turning Radius

No More Tight Situations

The new Vios comes with a small turning radius of just 5.1 metres for easy manoeuvring within the city.

Rear Disc Brakes*

Halts on the Beat

Rear Disc Brake provides stronger brake efficiency to help you stop with confidence.

*Available for 1.5TRD Sportivo, 1.5GX and 1.5G variants.


One Smooth Ride

Experience excellent steering and a supple ride with the new Vios thanks to its specially-tuned suspension.

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Take to Heart Your Safety

No worries. Just pure driving enjoyment. Packed with a host of safety features, the new Vios lets you stay in control of your journey and even takes care of those around you.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC)

Control When You Need It Most

Effectively controls and stabilizes vehicle to prevent oversteer or understeer when cornering on slippery surfaces. Sensors detect when vehicle is skidding sideways and applies brake force independently to any four wheel while automatically controlling engine output.

Available for all variants.

Parking Aid

Sees What You Don’t

Reverse in full confidence with the aid of the reverse camera.

Available for 1.5 TRD Sportivo, 1.5GX, 1.5G & 1.5E variants.

Toyota Premium Security and Solar Film

Dual Protection

It reflects harmful rays and reduces heat build-up in car to keep vehicle cool while keeping you safe as it also prevents break-ins.

Available for 1.5 TRD Sportivo, 1.5GX & 1.5G variants only.

Dual SRS Airbags

Total Peace of Mind

Protects head and torso of driver and front passenger.


Intelligent Measure

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) prevents wheel lock up when braking. Electric Brake Distribution (EBD) ensures optimal brake force is applied to each wheel while Brake Assist (BA) reduces stopping distance so you can stop in time.

Energy Absorbing Body Structure

Designed to Protect You

The Vios’ excellent safety performance is attributed to its high tensile body frame that effectively absorbs and dispenses impact energy in a frontal collision while dispersing high impact energy during side collision.

Child Restraint Safety (ISOFIX)

Big Protection for Little Ones

Rear seats are equipped with ISOFIX child seat mounting points for optimal protection for little ones.

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Set Your Heart on a TRD Sportivo

Take the exhilaration to another level and set desires in motion with a design that’s built for total sportiness.

*Exclusively for the 1.5 TRD Sportivo.

Exhilaration in Every Angle

Feast your eyes on the aggressive sporty styling that will ignite desire.

The 4-piece TRD Sportivo Aerokit features:

  • New Front Bumper Spoiler
  • New Rear Spoiler
  • Side Skirts
  • Trunk Lid Spoiler
*Exclusively for the 1.5TRD Sportivo.
Revolve in Style

Unleash your bold side this dark silver 15-inch, 5-spoke alloy wheel. It is a sporty look that adds a touch of sporting prowess to the Vios TRD Sportivo variant.

*Exclusively for the 1.5TRD Sportivo.
Sporty Comfort

Plush with a sense of exhilaration, the TRD features a new leather seat cover design to enhance your drive with a touch of luxurious comfort.

*Exclusively for the 1.5TRD Sportivo.
A Hint of Sportiness

Every little detail matters. The red stitching around the steering wheel adds the perfect sporty touch that will empower you to take on any road.

*Exclusively for the 1.5TRD Sportivo.
Make a Statement

The carpet mat, accented with red stitching, bears the symbol of ultimate sportiness; the TRD Sportivo logo, with pride.

*Exclusively for the 1.5TRD Sportivo only.
It’s in the Details

The TRD Sportivo scuff plate not only shields the door panel from scratches but enhances the overall sporty design.

*Exclusively for the 1.5TRD Sportivo.
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The Beat of Choice

Your new Vios. Your drive. Your way. Pick and choose from these optional accessories to add on to your fun-to-drive experience.


Added Style

Rev up the style of your new Vios through an expression of ultimate sportiness with this distinctive 4-piece aerokit. The aerokit package includes:

  • New Front Spoiler Design
  • New Rear Spoiler Design
  • New Side Skirts
  • New Trunk Spoiler

*Optional for 1.5E and 1.5J variants only.

DVD- AVN (Audio-Visual Navigation) System and Reverse Camera with Guide Lines*

Stay Entertained. Stay Informed.

The multipurpose DVD-AVN System will ensure all you need is at hand. The multi-touch screen system features 2-DIN Head Unit DVD Player with 7” Touch Screen, Tuner, MP3, AUX-Jack, USB, SD Card Slot, Bluetooth® and Smartphone Link**.

Enjoy hands-free safety with Voice Recognition, and stay confident on any journey with the Navigation System.The Reverse Camera displays the rear view with guidelines for added confidence.

For safety reasons, some functions are disabled when the vehicle is in motion.

*Available as an optional accessory.
**Functions availability may vary depending on smartphones. For more details, please contact your nearest Toyota showroom.

DVD-AVX (Audio-Visual Auxiliary) Infotainment System with Reverse Camera*

The Infotainer

Pump up the fun with the 2-DIN Head Unit DVD Player with 6.8" Touch Screen, Tuner, MP3, AUX-Jack, USB and Bluetooth®. Reverse Camera is also available as an assistant to help you reverse with confidence.

For safety reasons, some functions are disabled when the vehicle is in motion.

*Optional for 1.5J.

Toyota Premium Security and Solar Film*

Dual Protection

The Toyota Premium Security & Solar Film reflects harmful UV rays and reduces heat build-up in the car, and keeps you safe from car break-ins by preventing window glass from being shattered.

*Optional for 1.5J & 1.5E variants.

Toyota Essential Solar Film

Reflects and Reduce

The Essential Solar Film offers affordable comfort and protection to meet every day needs. It reflects harmful UV rays and reduces heat build-up in the car for a cool and comfortable ride, every time.

*Optional for 1.5J & 1.5E variants.

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