Make a statement that endorses your prestige with the new Camry.

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The Camry 2.0G X is designed to express power in a glance. Its bold lines paired with a low and wide stance set the ideal vision of elegance and stylish prestige.

Front and Rear

Impressive from Every Angle

The Camry 2.0G X is indeed a magnificent sight to behold. Every inch expresses the perfect blend of exquisite luxury and sporty exhilaration that deserves more than one glance.

High Intensity Discharge Headlamps with Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

Illuminative Convenience

Sporting a bold shape, the internal construction of the High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps and integrated Daytime Running Lights (DRL) are designed to give maximum visibility.

Rear Combination Lamps

Make A Powerful Impression

The LED (Light Emitting Diode) tail lamp and stop lamp together with the smoked chrome plated extension, combine for a supremely dynamic impression.

17” Alloy Wheel*

Exhilarating Design

The sporty 17” alloy wheels perfectly complete the Camry 2.0GX’s distinct stylishness.

*Available for 2.0G X variant only. 16” Alloy wheels available for 2.0E variants.

Aero-Stabilising Fins

A Smoother Drive

Located on the wing mirrors and rear combination lamps to help air flow smoothly around the vehicle for better stability and handling when driving.

Floor Undercover

Heighten the Experience

Revel in more driving pleasure thanks to the undercover that ensures a smooth flow of air for handling stability and fuel efficiency.

X Emblem

Distinct Signature

The ‘X’ emblem signifies the refreshed sporty character of the Camry 2.0G X’s character.

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Image shown is Camry 2.0G X variant.


Select your preferred exterior colour*. The powerful Camry offers you a range of colours to complement your powerful status.

Grey Metallic
*Colours may vary for actual model due to screen calibration.


The prestigious modern sculptural design within the Camry 2.0 offers you a luxurious sensation of comfort and complete control.

8-way Powered Adjustable Seats*

Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience

Revel in the smooth and plush leather seats as soon as you slide in and easily adjust the driver and front passenger seats into your preferred position with the switches within reach.

*Available 2.0G X variant only.

Interior Feature

Attention to Detail

Elegance is woven into every detail within the cabin space. The black interior paired with the dark brown seats gives off a luxurious sense while the T-shaped center cluster creates a prestigious atmosphere. The sweeping dashboard features stunning carbonwood accented by silver trim and fine trimming, expressing a modern design.

Image shown is 2.0G X.

Optitron Meter with Multi-Information Display (MID)

Illuminate the Necessary

Exuding a sense of undeniable luxury, the newly designed two-dial Optitron Meter features an impressive 4.2-inch colour TFT display to clearly provide drivers necessary driving information. Paired with clear blue illumination, excellent visibility is ensured.

Front Shoulder Switches*

Move It Your Way

The passenger seats feature a shoulder-mounted switch that conveniently allows the rear passenger to make adjustments such as reclining and slide.

*Available for 2.0G X variant only.


Backseat Indulgences

The pampering never stops in the Camry 2.0G X. Rear window power sunshade and rear door window sunshades are readily available in the back to shield away the glare of the sun for immediate relief and comfort.

*Available for 2.0G X variant only.

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Comfort & Convenience

Discover a host of thoughtful features within the cabin space to elevate your experience with the Camry.

Handy Charging Hub

Don’t worry if you don’t have your charging cables at hand. Located in the front of the centre console box lies a wireless charging pad to power up your devices** immediately.

*Available for 2.0G X variant only.
**Only for devices that comply with the International Standards Qi (International standards for wireless charging developed by Wireless Power Consortium)
Cool and Comforting Rides

Automatically maintains a balanced environment to ensure sheer comfort, while rear ducts provide additional comfort for rear passengers.

Smart Convenience

Simply lock and unlock the doors and trunk lid, and start the engine, with our newly designed key in your pocket.

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The Camry 2.0G X and 2.0E hums with the power of our new, class redefining 2.0 litre VVT-iW engine.

Variable Valve Timing-intelligent Wide Engine (VVT-iW)


The VVT-iW (Variable Valve Timing-intelligent Wide) engine provides high torque right from low to high RPM ranges and uses either the Atkinson cycle to enhance fuel economy or the Otto cycle for power.

The D-4S fuel injection system enables optimum combustion at all times by using high pressure injection for the cylinders and low pressure injection for the ports, alternating according to the driving situation.

6-Speed Auto Transmission

Incredible Driving Experience

The 6-speed automatic transmission with Super ECT and Sequential Shifter has an expanded gear ratio range, for high speed drive at lower engine speeds for better fuel economy.

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Drive confidently with new and enhanced safety features, active and passive, for extremely high levels of protection and security.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC)

Stay in Control

In the event of skidding, VSC ensures vehicle stability by providing the optimum amount of brake force required to each wheel, and reduces engine power to help the driver regain control of the vehicle in the event of understeer or oversteer. TRC detects wheel spin in the driven wheels on slippery road surfaces and automatically regulates braking force and engine power.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA)

Power to Stop

When on slippery surfaces, the ABS prevents the wheels from locking up to ensure excellent braking performance.

EBD, on the other hand, optimizes the distribution of braking force between the front and rear wheels according to the driving conditions and vehicle load. When braking during a cornering, EBD maintains the distribution of braking force between the left and right wheels to ensure vehicle stability.

In cases of emergency braking, the BA helps by generating a larger braking force.

7 SRS Airbags

Assured Protection

Drive with complete peace of mind. SRS curtain shield airbags are readily available to reduce collision force.

Front airbags lessen the impact on driver and front passenger’s head and chest in the event of a frontal collision.

In a side collision, side airbags will be deployed to reduce shock to the driver and front passenger’s chest.

Image shown is 2.5HV Luxury variant

Hill Start Assist Control (HAC)

Keep Steady

Provides assistance when starting off on steep uphill sections by preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards.

Emergency Stop Signal

Swift Alert

When strong braking power is applied at speeds of over 55km/h, the hazard lamp flashes to warn drivers behind of an emergency-braking situation.

Image shown is the 2.5HV variant.

Reverse Camera*

Move without Worries

With the convenience of the reverse camera, low lying objects that are normally undetectable are easily detected by the reverse sensor for hassle-free reversing.

*Available for 2.0G X variant only.

Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) Body Structure

Icon of Safety

The GOA body absorbs collision impact by dissipating it throughout the entire body, thus minimising injury on occupants. The crumple zone and high integrity cabin help protect occupants by minimising deformation to the passenger compartments.

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Optional Accessories

Drive in further style with Genuine Toyota Accessories - optional Aerokit, DVD AVN system and Premium Security & Solar Film.

Toyota Auto Tag**

Breeze Through Toll Gates

Developed exclusively for Toyota, the Toyots Auto Tag fits secure and discreetly in a concealed location* and requires no batteries. A balance display with low credit warning is also included.

*Fitment location varies by model.
**Touch n’ Go card not included with the device.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Extra Eyes

The recorder captures still pictures while the vehicle is moving as a means of evidence and precautionary measure.

DVD-AVN System with Reverse Camera

Navigation Made Easy

Enjoy the large 8" touch screen display with Bluetooth®, SmartphoneLink** and Voice Recognition. It has built-in navigation maps for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, customised with the Toyota network, and a Gyro-speed sensor that operates even when the signal is lost (e.g. driving through a tunnel). Reverse Camera displays rear view on the DVD-AVN's screen.

**Compatible with selected smartphones only. For details, please contact your nearest Toyota showroom.
For safety reasons, some functions are disabled while vehicle is in motion.


Aerodynamic Enhancements and Improved Visibility

Enhance your Camry's appearance with the aerokit's front bumper spoiler, trunk lid spoiler, and side skirting with rear bumper spoiler. Enhance the visibility of your vehicle to your fellow motorists during daytime with DRL headlamps emitting light even in daylight conditions.

*Aerokit accessories include front bumper spoiler, rear bumper spoiler, trunk lid spoiler and side skirts.

Toyota Premium Security & Solar Film


Compliant with JPJ regulations, Toyota Premium Security & Solar Film impedes break-ins as well as windows from being shattered. Plus you’ll enjoy a 7-year warranty and cooler interior in your powerful New Camry.

Panoramic View Monitor (PVM)*


360° view that allows you to be aware of hazards surrounding your vehicle.

*Available for selected variants and audio head units. Comes equipped with static guidelines only.

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