Today, we will be breaking down 5 popular car purchasing myths that you might have probably heard of, especially when you are looking for a car in Malaysia.

Myth #1: You should only purchase a car during sales seasons

Whenever you pop the question “when is the best time to buy a new car?”, many will tell you that the best time of the year to buy a car is during the festive seasons in Malaysia (Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas & more). As a matter of fact, there are those who would rather hold off buying a car until the end of the year, believing that the best promotions come last.

Little did they know, brands such as Toyota offer amazing promotions every month of the year! Staying true to their mantra, All About The #Drive, Toyota believes that everyone deserves a quality drive in the form of a quality vehicle. At the time of writing, Toyota’s monthly promotion promotion campaign is making waves, allowing every car lover to own the spectacular Toyota Vios and the magnificent Toyota Yaris with installments as low as RM530 and RM493 per month respectively*.

*Only available with Toyota EZ Beli financing. Terms and conditions apply.

Myth #2: Buying second-hand cars or used cars helps you save money

It is true that second-hand cars are more affordable than new cars. However, when discussing used cars vs new cars, there’s always the risk of inheriting pre-existing problems when you purchase a second-hand vehicle, and it will end up costing you a lot of money to repair and restore it. Therefore, whenever you find yourself asking “should I buy a second-hand car”, factor the opportunity costs into your thought process. Ultimately, if you are financially capable, always go for new cars.

Myth #3: Buying cars online come with huge risks and liabilities

Whenever you find yourself asking “is it safe to buy a car online?”, you should know that over the past few years, many reputable brands in the market have given consumers the option of purchasing their dream car from the comfort of their home, and Toyota is proudly one of them. This is also the reason why Toyota’s online showroom was created.

With tried and tested methods paired with the brand’s reputation, consumers have literally nothing to worry about. Toyota, in particular, gives consumers the luxury of customising and booking their Toyota online, where every last detail is tailored to their needs. To top it off, you can even acquire a customised quotation after you build your Toyota online..

Myth #4: You can always negotiate your way to a lower price

This only applies to second-hand or used cars, as used car dealers have their own pricing structures that’s also partially influenced by market conditions. When it comes to new cars, the price is usually pre-determined by the brand. The only way around this is to closely follow the brand to get word of the latest promotions and discounts. Toyota always updates their followers on their monthly promotion details on their social media. Give it a follow so you won’t miss out!

Myth #5: There’s no such thing as free gifts when buying cars

There usually isn’t, unless it’s part of an ongoing promotion or sales campaign. However, you might come across sales advisors that throw in some car accessories to make the deal more attractive, including phone holders, smart tags and more.

At the time of writing, Toyota is having a RM5500 promo for the Toyota Vios and Toyota Yaris which also includes free accessories as part of their monthly promo campaign**! There’s no better time than now to own a Toyota!

Terms and conditions apply.

With these five car purchasing myths debunked, we believe that you now have a clearer idea of what to expect when purchasing a car.


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