UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd announces updates for the Toyota Fortuner which will be available in early 2021. Bookings are now accepted at all authorised UMW Toyota Motor dealerships nationwide.

Assembled in Malaysia, Toyota’s full-sized 4×4 SUV for the Malaysian market will continue to be available with a choice of two variants at the following prices:

Toyota Fortuner 2.8 VRZ 4×4 A/T – RM203,183.00

Toyota Fortuner 2.7 SRZ 4×4 A/T – RM172,244.00

The Fortuner 2.8 VRZ 4×4 A/T is a new variant which replaces the Fortuner 2.4 VRZ which was offered previously. A new body colour – Bronze Mica Metallic – with a Black Roof will be available exclusively for this new variant which is the flagship of the range. The Black Roof is also available with the Super White II exterior colour only for this variant with other four exterior colours which are Medium Silver Metallic, Silver Metallic, Attitude Black Mica and Phantom Brown Metallic.


The Fortuner comes with comprehensive safety equipment to help the driver avoid an accident, as well as a structural design that can reduce injuries during accidents. Now, in line with Toyota’s efforts to reduce road accidents, the 2.8 VRZ also comes with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). This is an integrated suite of active safety systems which make use of a camera and radar to monitor and detect other vehicles, and to take appropriate action to prevent an accident.

TSS, though available in many Toyota models today, has different elements and for the latest Fortuner, it comes with Pre collision System (PCS), Lane Departure Alert (LDA) and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) and Yaw Assist Function.

PCS operates in all lighting conditions at speeds from 10 km/h to 180 km/h. The system detects other vehicles ahead with the millimetre-wave radar sensor in the grille and analyses the imagery captured by the camera on the top of the windscreen. When a vehicle is detected in close range, warnings are given and the system will provide additional braking assistance when action is taken by the driver. If the driver does not act and a collision is likely to occur, automatic braking will commence at full pressure to stop the car. In many cases, an accident can be prevented but if it cannot, the early braking will reduce the vehicle speed and can help to reduce damage from the impact.

LDA is useful in preventing accidents when a driver may be drowsy or lose concentration and the vehicle starts to stray from the lane. When the system detects this happening (eg moving out of the lane or crossing over an uncurbed road edge without activating the turn signal), the driver will be alerted through the MID by a blinking indicator lamp and buzzer sound.

Unlike the TSS in passenger vehicles, the system in the Fortuner (as well as Hilux) has a Yaw Assist Function. This activates when lane departure is detected and additional braking force applied to the inner wheels to direct the vehicle back into the proper lane position.

DRCC is a more advanced type of cruise control which ensures that there is a safe gap with the vehicle ahead. The system, available from 30 km/h, will adjust the set cruising speed when another vehicle is detected ahead, and maintain the lower speed until the vehicle is no longer there. Then the speed will gradually be increased to what was set by the driver. As with all cruise control systems, pressing the brake pedal will immediately deactivate the system or the driver can press a switch on the steering wheel.


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