Our Mission

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is the physical representation of Toyota’s commitment to pushing the limits of motoring. As our global racing division, its core philosophy revolves around making ever-better cars through participating in motorsports.

This is a mission that’s been long in the running. In 1952 our founder Kiichiro Toyoda said,

“Car racing is more than just entertainment. It is vital to the development of the Japanese passenger vehicle industry. Just as athletes test their capabilities by competing with all their strength in the Olympics, car makers use motorsport as an opportunity to push vehicle’s performance to the limits and compete for supremacy, enabling them to discover new ways of advancing automotive technology.”

Our Worldwide Achievements

Over the years Toyota has built a rich history in motorsports by sending multiple teams into high profile races from Formula One to World Endurance Championship (WEC).

In 2015, these groups were united under one banner – TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. Named after a combination of the words ‘garage’ and ‘zoo’, the team’s mission is to create an environment where everyone works together to improve the smallest details, and to put a smile on every customer by producing ever-better cars and services.

As one team TOYOTA GAZOO Racing can be seen going full speed ahead at the World Endurance Championship, World Rally Championship(WRC), Nürburgring 24 Hours Endurance Race, Dakar Rally and NASCAR. By driving on every road and facing every challenge head on, we hope to continue the discovery of new innovations, and to inspire others with the freedom, adventure, and joy of driving.