06 January 2015


Toyota Hilux improved for 2015 TRD Sportivo variant now added to range

For the 2015 model year, the Toyota Hilux receives improvements which refresh its looks as well as giving it a more premium feeling with additional enhancements such as the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and leather seats upgrade for the 2.5G AT variants – among many others. UMW Toyota Motor also introduces the TRD Sportivo variants, a sporty pick-up truck that is aimed at the young and young at heart.

The Toyota Hilux is undoubtedly the Malaysia’s best-selling pick-up truck with over 180,000 units of the current generation sold since its launch in Malaysia in 2005. Its continued position as the market leader in its segment has been due to not only the advanced and tough appearance but more importantly, a globally proven record of reliability and durability for over 40 years (since its first production in 1968). 

The quality, durability and reliability of the Hilux have been recognised all over the world, resulting in many accolades. In Malaysia, it has won awards for being the best pick-up truck from various organisations and publications.

Firstly, we have the TRD Sportivo variants added to the line-up. The TRD variants consist of the 3.0G TRD Sportivo (AT) and 2.5G TRD Sportivo (AT). TRD, being the high-performance arm of Toyota, has developed a TRD bodykit especially for the Hilux, adding sportiness to its looks along with providing a more distinctive differentiation from the other variants.

Besides the exclusive bodykit, the TRD Sportivo package also comes with Daytime Running Lights on the TRD front bumper spoiler, black alloy rims, TRD combination leather upholstery, carbon fiber cubic printing on the instrument panel and door armrest panels, and TRD carpet mats.  

Hilux TRD Sportivo customers may also opt for a TRD sports bar to be installed at the back of the cab. Developed by TRD, the sports bar is made of strong yet lightweight ABS material. It is designed to match the vehicle’s body colour, while its aerodynamic flat design enhances the looks of the vehicle.

As with other accessories offered by UMW Toyota Motor, the TRD Sportivo items are manufactured to the same high quality standards as Toyota vehicles and enjoy the same warranty coverage. They are installed professionally by trained personnel, further ensuring the best fit and finish.

The G Variants Improvements

The improvements for the Hilux 3.0G and 2.5G include a new dark grey finish for the alloy wheels, fitment of Daytime Running Lights as well as new interior trim and seat materials. The 2015 Hilux can also be identified by the new bodystripes along the sides of its body.

The combination leather upholstery offered in the Hilux 3.0G is now also available in the Hilux 2.5G AT, while the Hilux 2.5G MT gets a new seat fabric design.

For improved comfort and safety, the Hilux 3.0G, 2.5G AT and TRD Sportivo variants  come with Toyota Premium Security and Solar Film that is compliant with JPJ regulations and does not interfere with Smartag operation at toll plazas.

Across All Hilux Variants

In response to customer requests, an additional lock is now provided for the spare wheel on all Hilux variants. This will help deter theft attempt of the spare wheel which is located under the rear of the vehicle.

With the customers’ convenience in mind, a portable tyre pump will also be added as a standard accessory for Hilux 3.0G, 2.5G AT and TRD variants (it is optional for Hilux 2.5G MT, Double Cab Standard and Single Cab). Customers can enjoy the convenience of re-inflating their tyres anywhere, even at home. It is also very helpful during an emergency, whereby Hilux users can have immediate access to a tyre pump even in the absence of a petrol station. Designed with LED lights to aid usability at night, the portable tyre pump also comes with multiple types of nozzles to inflate various other inflatables.

Toyota Optional Accessories

A more advanced level of connectivity is now provided to Hilux owners (3.0G, 2.5G and TRD variants only) with the optional DVD-AVN system that includes a reverse camera with static guide lines. Besides the usual audio feature, this system is now compatible with selected smartphones (Android and iOS) using Bluetooth or WiFi connection. The MirrorLink and Miracast function enable users to activate their smartphone functions and applications through the DVD-AVN screen itself. On top of that, users may also browse the Internet or search information on the screen once the AVN system is connected with their smartphones as the hotspot. There is also Voice Recognition function for the audio and navigation systems, with all the information displayed on the 7-inch multi-touch touchscreen. The angle of the 2-DIN head unit can also be adjusted for the best viewing position.

The second optional accessory is the DVD-AVX system, which also includes a reverse camera. This system has a 6.1-inch colour touchscreen, DVD-player, MP3, USB, SD Card slot, and Bluetooth hands-free function. This DVD-AVX system caters towards users who prefer an advanced DVD media player system with beautiful touch-screen display, while not needing a navigation system.

For 2015 Hilux Double Cab range, two new exterior colours are available– Grey Metallic and Attitude Black – for a total of five colour choices.

As with most models offered by UMW Toyota Motor, the Hilux comes with a 3-year/100,000 KM (whichever occurs earlier after first registration) warranty, subject to conditions stated in the Owner’s Handbook. This reflects the confidence that UMW Toyota Motor has in the superior build quality of its vehicles, a hallmark of Toyota products. Below is the confirmed price list: 

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