Toyota Hybrids are equipped with two sources of power — a dynamic petrol engine and a highly responsive electric motor. Seamlessly switching between the two, our hybrids work in perfect synergy to give you an exciting and efficient drive.

Never worry about charging with its pioneering, self-charging technology. Thanks to its regenerative braking feature, a generator will produce electricity and store it in the battery every time you brake or coast. On top of that, excess energy from the engine will also help charge the battery.


Battery durability is not an issue with the 4th generation Toyota Hybrid’s system. Result of 24 years of hybrid engineering, each is designed to last the lifetime of the car. Never worry about having to plug in your car as Toyota Hybrids are intelligently self-charging. Just sit back and enjoy enhanced mileage efficiency that uses less fuel.

The seamless switch between motors also means less wear and tear on components, further extending the car’s lifespan. Simply put, our hybrids are designed from the ground up to last for many years to come.


The best technologies are engineered with the future in mind. With its intelligent dual-power system, Toyota Hybrids consume less fuel, making your drive easy on the wallet and the environment. Produce less emissions while driving in electric EV-mode. 

A Toyota Hybrid is just as mindful when not in motion, as the system will also automatically switch to purely battery power when your vehicle is stationary. Talk about a forward-thinking drive.


The best thing about Toyota Hybrids is that they are completely fun to drive. Be it in the city, on a highway, or even going coast to coast, its dual-powered engine is tuned to generate enough boost in power for any situation. It’s made for exhilarating performance as well as efficiency. We’ve proven this with first-place victories at the Le Mans 24h World Endurance Championship race four times in a row.

Whether you’re a speed enthusiast, eco-warrior or a casual driver, our hybrids deliver a fun, green, smooth and responsive driving experience every time. There’s a reason 18.1 million units have been sold worldwide.


Driving with noise is a thing of the past with our 4th generation hybrid.
Its regenerative braking system means that Toyota Hybrids are always charged, allowing the car to pull away and cruise in near-silence.

Additionally, the car emits less tailpipe emissions with reduced excess vibration. Cruise and enjoy urban journeys like never before with a truly calming experience.



The small steps we took yesterday have led to a big leap today for an even brighter future.
Experience tomorrow’s Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) technology today in the All-New Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric.


How do Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) work when reaching a complete stop?

Both petrol engine and electric motor turn off and the car switches to battery power to run everything it needs – from radio and air conditioning to its lights.

How do Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) work when braking and cruising?

When you brake or release the accelerator, the hybrid electric vehicle’s regenerative braking system activates. The car allows the power from the spinning wheels to generate electricity and recharge the electric battery.

How do Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) work when accelerating?

Both the conventional engine and electric motors work together to increase power to the wheels. At the same time the petrol engine also powers the generator and the electric motor uses electricity from the battery and generator as needed.

How does a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) work when starting from a stop?

This is a big part of why Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) are more efficient for city driving than petrol cars. When driving at low speed or in reverse, the Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) only uses the electric motor powered by the battery. Depending on conditions of the vehicle and battery, petrol engine may be turned on at low speed.


What is a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)?

A Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) is a vehicle powered by a combination of petrol engines and electric motors. Hybrids Electric Vehicle (HEV) are generally more responsive, efficient, and eco-friendly than pure petrol equivalents.

How safe is hybrid technology?

Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) have been on the roads for 24 years, and rely on proven technology. The first Toyota Hybrid Prius was released in 1997.

Now in its 4th generation, the Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) is more powerful, efficient, and reliable than ever before.

When do I need to change a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) battery?

Each Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicle’s (HEV) electric battery is designed to last the car’s entire lifetime. The regenerative braking system recharges it as you go, so you never have to charge it.

Are hybrid engines as powerful as petrol engines?

The hybrid system is designed to realize the best balance among fuel economy, performance, and better comfort.

4th Generation Toyota Hybrid System provides outstanding acceleration response without any lag, thanks to the increased battery power.

Do Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) go further than pure petrol cars?

Yes. By switching to electric mode, Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) can drive without using a single drop of fuel. They are also designed to withstand the wear and tear of longer journeys of countless miles.

Are Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) better for the environment?

Yes. With their dual-powered engines, Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) use less petrol and emit less carbon dioxide than petrol cars. They also reduce sound pollution in urban areas by driving in near-silence when cruising in electric mode.