Started in 2001, Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) is a joint effort by UMW Toyota Motor and the Ministry of Education, aimed to cultivate the importance of preserving the environment amongst the younger generation - so that they will consistently act responsibly towards the environment to ensure a sustainable future.

To date, an impressive total of 235 schools and over 2501 students, principals and teachers have participated in TEY. This programme is a major component of the organisation's annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives which also encompass other CSR activities such as education and philanthropy.

Since the programme's inception, UMW Toyota Motor has spent over RM6.7 million in educating the future generation about the environment, and providing solutions to issues via Toyota's 'problem-solving, action-oriented approach'. This approach is an existing formula that is already widely used in Toyota, to ensure problem-solving is addressed as rationally, effectively and efficiently as possible.

The themes for TEY focuses on solid waste management, clean water, global warming and recycling - which are all topics close to the heart of Toyota's global and local environment issues. Participating schools are required to generate publicity about their green efforts, in their quest to create awareness and garner participation from their own communities.

The grand prize winner of the Toyota Eco Youth programme will receive a cash prize of RM10,000, while the second prize winner will take home RM7,000 and the third prize winner RM5,000. As for the Best Presentation, Best Exhibition and Best Blog Site category, the winners will take home RM1,000 respectively. Lastly, the winner of the Most Supportive Teacher will receive RM500.




Toyota Eco Youth is an 8-month programme that begins with a training and workshop session. This session introduces the team and helps them solves environmental issues within their surrounding communities. Once these issue are identified, teams submit proposal papers outlining their findings.

The organising committee will visit the school to verify their findings and guide the teams with pointers on how best to proceed and to initiate newspaper coverage. Participating schools will be granted RM2,000 by UMW Toyota to execute their projects. Teams will also be expected to update their project progress through blog.

At the 4-month mark of the project implementation, an on-site judging take places at the participating schools. Finally there will be gathering and sharing of ideas where the students will present and exhibit their work.




Winners will be chosen based on:

a. On-site Judging (40%) 

Evidence of countermeasures are implemented, improvements are evaluated and maintained.

b. Presentation (20%) 

Accurate applications and logical sequence of the methodologies,lively presentation & overall assessment.

c. Exhibition (20%) 

Originality, creativity, easy understanding of project and relevancy.

d. Website (20%) 

Objectivity, coverage/content, design, regular update of information.

e. Most Supportive Teacher  

Show support to the team, provide guidance and advice at all time.


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