Toyota FT-1


To begin with the name: FT-1 stands for “Future Toyota”, with “1” representing the ultimate expression of Toyota coupe design.

The concept pitch is an interesting story, with a virtual FT-1 model being tested on the Fuji Speedway in the popular Gran Turismo driving simulator. When president Akio Toyoda completed the virtual circuit faster than his best real-world lap time, approval followed swiftly.

The team at Calty Design Research (Toyota’s North American design studio) then worked closely with Toyota Racing Development to develop it, going so far as to study head-up displays of fighter jets. The result is an informed design of a pure performance and track-focused sports model.

From its F1-inspired beak and glass hood to its bold rear end, the FT-1 is all muscular curves. Sleek vents are seamlessly moulded into its athletic form for purposeful airflow management, while an extendable rear wing deploys at higher speeds to create additional downforce.

Inside, the cockpit is a minimal, intimate space with a colour head-up display that projects vital information above the F1-inspired steering wheel. All design decisions clearly focus on the exhilaration of the road, placing the driver at the heart of the racing experience.

All in all, the FT-1 is a glimpse of the future – a provocative concept that embodies emotion, performance, and the evolving passion of Toyota.

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