Toyota i-ROAD


What happens when you combine the safety of a car with the compact size of a motorbike? You get the Toyota i-Road, the future of urban transport that is set to redefine urban mobility and unleash next generation performance.

Set to meet the demands of the city of the future, it’s an electric vehicle that is at once nimble, frugal, stable and enclosed. Above all, the driving controls are standard while the ride is an unexpected thrill. The front wheels move independently, so turning the steering tilts the i-Road into a lean. Indeed, the mechanics are inspired by a skier carving down a slope, and the resulting sensation is one of union between man and machine.

Complementing these bike-like advantages is the car-like cabin. Two single seats in tandem allow its two occupants to be protected from the weather, pollution, and noise… and even enjoy music in comfort.

Pleasure goes hand in hand with practicality. Driving the i-Road takes up minimal lane width, while parking it occupies about three-quarters to one-half of the regular space. The manoeuvrability is outstanding in confined spaces, giving it unsurpassed convenience in the urban environment.

In terms of power, it’s an eco-friendly option, running on lithium-ion batteries with zero CO2 emissions. Being capable of about 50km on one charge, at an estimated constant 30km/h, makes it ideal for zipping around short trips in the city.

This is Toyota at the forefront of practical engineering for the people. This is the future of urban transport.

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